Brad Faxon gets kids excited about golf

Button Hole Golf Course is a premiere inner-city par 3 course that teaches local kids the game of golf as well as life lessons.

About 100 youngsters hit the links Tuesday to learn from local PGA star Brad Faxon for his 17th annual Junior Golf Day.

"I'm trying to expose the kids to the game of golf. It's that simple, there's no motive here other than hopefully kids can come out of here, learn a little bit about golf, and I like the motto here, 'It's not about golf lessons, it's about life lessons,'" Faxon said. "There's no place like Button Hole in the country, I can promise you."

Every summer, parents turn to Button Hole for their kids. Like Jeff, who says this summer camp has really changed his son in a positive way not just on the course where he excels.

"I think it has definitely provided him an outlet to grow, to gain confidence in an area that I didn't think a kid might get it from. I didn't realize how powerful golf could be. It gives him a great opportunity to gain confidence in himself without pressure of really competing against anyone other than themselves," he said.

And another success story for Faxon and everyone here at Button Hole is Juliet Vongphoumy. She learned the game here as a kid, went on to be one of the greatest high school female golfers in Rhode Island state history and now she's a junior at the University of Maryland on a golf scholarship.

"I'm always going to come back to Button Hole. This is where I started. It was where I grew up. And I have, you know, people are still here, like Coach Morgan and Dan. They're like a family to me right now. And so I'm just glad that I can help out. You know, it's just fun to be here," said Vongphoumy.

The former Rhode Island Interstate League golf state champion is now an instructor for the summer before heading back to college in the fall.