Rain doesn't dampen spirits at Bristol parade

Hurricane Arthur couldn't keep the Bristol Fourth of July parade from marching through town Friday.

It starts early in Bristol. Even those who live on the parade route find they have to break the rules to get a front row seat.

"Last year I got here at 5, and it was too late," said Bob Collins.

Everybody who got a space got comfortable, many with shelter for the expected bad weather.

The marchers all started getting ready, and then downpour.

It was not looking good with the parade less than an hour away, but Bristol parade watchers are hardcore.

"I don't want to miss the parade. They're going to march anyway, might as well give them some support. It's our duty," said Dione Manchester of Bristol.

Next year I will make a potion to send the rain away.

But lo and behold, it dried out -- dry enough that the town crier's convertible got a little wipe down.

"Better than a car wash. You don't have to pay for this one," said J.P. Medeiros, the town crier's driver.

He had no intention of putting the top up.

"I told them, the top's not coming up. The show goes on. They have umbrellas. I hear tomorrow and Sunday are going to be gorgeous. I'll park it in my driveway to dry out," Medeiros said.

And the town crier himself said regardless of what organizers were thinking, the parade was going to be held.

"We don't cancel this parade. Rain never hurt anybody," said Gerry MacNeill, the Bristol Town Crier.