Bullet found in Taunton school

Taunton police were stationed at the Benjamin A. Friedman Middle School on Tuesday to calm fears after the discovery of a bullet the day before.

Parents said they were concerned about student safety.

"It's definitely scary. You want to keep them home in a bubble. Unfortunately, you can't," said Jennifer Cumbus, a parent.

Some said it hits too close to home.

"We hear all of the time of things happening in other areas. We have to realize it can happen anywhere," said Judy Arsenault, a grandparent.

NBC 10 News obtained a letter that was sent to parents letting them know a police presence would be at the middle school Tuesday. It also notified parents that a bullet had been found in the entrance to the school cafeteria.

Not all parents found out about the bullet from the letter. Some saw it on the police department's Facebook page. Police said they are using social media to get ahead of any misinformation.

"I think it's important for us as a community to get information out that's correct as opposed to the rumors that somehow circulate," said Richard Ferreira, director of the Taunton Emergency Management Agency.

Ferreira used to work in the news business. He said he's in tune with the fact that people no longer get their information from just one place.

"We need to reach everyone. No one medium does it all. No one's getting in the newspaper or one source or television or Twitter or Facebook," Ferreira said.

Not only do Taunton police post and interact on social media more than most other local departments, they have 10 times the amount of followers to show for it.