Shotgun shells found at Barrington school

Primrose Hill School in Barrington

Shotgun shells were found in the parking lot of a Barrington school.

A letter sent to parents said three shells from a gun were found in a partially opened box. The box was found in the lower level parking lot of the Primrose Hill School.

The discovery was made last Thursday before students arrived.

Superintendent Michael Messore said Barrington police have sent the shells out to have fingerprints checked. He also said police have interviewed people in the school and looked at the school grounds.

Messore said the police don't believe there's a threat to the schools since they haven't found a link to the shells and the school.

Messore said the school plans on adding a security camera to the area where the shells were found. He said there are security cameras in the school, but that there wasn't one in the area because it's not "highly traveled."

Messore said he's received some calls and emails from parents but has 100 percent faith in the police department.

"This is not a crisis situation, but it's not great to find shotgun shells outside the school," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Barrington police at 401-437-3935.