Camera catches wreath thief at Twin Oaks

Surveillance video purportedly shows a woman stealing a wreath from Twin Oaks restaurant in Cranston.

"The day after Thanksgiving, we noticed that one of the wreaths was missing. That's when we looked on the camera and we saw a couple of people actually planning and plotting to take our wreath," said Michael Regine, general manager of Twin Oaks.

The video shows a woman climbing up on a bench and pulling the lighted wreath off an outside wall.

"It's just the idea that someone would actually pull it off the side of the building," Regine said. "Why would you do that?"

Carbone Florists donated a new wreath to the restaurant.

"If that person came back and brought the wreath back and apologized, it would mean a great deal to the D'Angelis family and the staff at Twin Oaks," Regine said. "It's Christmas and we would forgive her."

Cranston police asked anyone with information about the theft to call them.