Cameras ready to roll on Vinny Paz movie

Vinny Paz

The movie about the incredible comeback of Rhode Island boxing legend Vinny Paz has become a reality.

After more than a decade of hoping, the cameras are getting ready to roll on the film "Bleed for This."

Paz, a Cranston native, is a five-time world boxing champ. Midway through his career he suffered a fractured neck in an auto accident. Doctors believed he would never box again.

But Paz proved them wrong. His comeback is what hooked movie producer Chad Verdi.

"We have, again, what I consider the greatest comeback in sports history. It was a story that needed to be told," Verdi said Tuesday.

A first-class cast and producing team has been assembled. The producers are a group of past Oscar nominees and winners.

"It's literally one of the best producing teams ever in the history of movie making. Like, it's nuts. Martin Scorsese's on, Ben Younger, Emma Tillinger, Bruce Cohen. It's unbelievable," Paz said.

Miles Teller, who bears a striking resemblance to Vinny, will portray Paz in the movie. Aaron Eckhart takes on the role of Paz trainer Kevin Rooney.

Preproduction is under way. Cameras will roll at local locations starting Nov. 10.

"We are at Twin River. We are at the Dunk Center. We are going to Twin Oaks. We are at the Biltmore hotel, the Gregg's restaurant," Verdi said.

The film's budget is between $10 million and $20 million. Verdi has high expectations.

"We would be selling this short, if it wasn't a worldwide distribution deal in theaters," Verdi said.