Police: No one yelled 'I have a gun' on URI campus

State police told NBC 10 on Friday that no one yelled about having a gun at a lecture hall at the University of Rhode Island.

Col. Steven O'Donnell of the Rhode Island State Police said they interviewed hundreds of students, and that no one ever heard the phrase, "I have a gun."

Police said a student yelled "I'm a good guy" in the hallway outside a physiology class at the John Chafee Social Science Center on Thursday.

It was misinterpreted by a female classmate who screamed, "Oh my God", which sparked a scare about a possible gun and prompted a campus lockdown for more than two hours.

A gunman was never found and authorities said there was never any danger.

The only thing police found was a toy Nerf gun inside a backpack that belonged to a student in the class.

Police have not said whether they have identified the female student.