Cancellation of repair work on sub could lead to layoffs

Budget cuts could lead to a round of layoffs at Electric Boat.

The potential layoffs stem from the U.S. Department of Defense's abrupt change of course to repair the USS Miami nuclear submarine.

In May 2012, there was a fire that heavily damaged the sub while it was docked in Maine.

The U.S. Navy initially planned to repair the sub, and most of that work was slated to be done at Electric Boat.

But an initial estimate of $450 million eventually grew to $700 million, and Navy officials pulled the plug.

Electric Boad had hired 350 contractors for the repair work, and some of those will stay on to help dismantle the sub.

According to a report in the The Day of New London, the company does not know how badly jobs at EB will be affected by the change.

EB did announce 55 unrelated layoffs Friday due to a general slowdown in contracted work at the shipyard.

The news was better for a group of about two dozen EB workers who won $1 million in last week's Powerball drawing.

They pooled their money and purchased 23 tickets at a Groton convenience store, and one of them hit five of the six winning numbers for a million-dollar payout.