Candidates for RI Treasurer square off at last TV debate

Frank Caprio and Seth Magaziner at Thursday night's debate.

With just days left until the Sept. 9th primary election the democratic candidates for treasurer squared off in a debate on NBC 10.

The candidates for Rhode Island General Treasurer debated for 30 minutes.

Frank Caprio, once held the position before running unsuccessfully for governor.{} "I worked hard, I had a lot of people supporting me, but I didn't run a good campaign and at the end I said things I shouldn't have said about President Barack Obama. And I'm here now in a fresh way."

Also here now is Seth Magaziner who is in the race hoping for a first term. Both went back and forth on job performance, records and roles.

Capri criticizing Magaziner's role in managing money, to which Magaziner fired back, "What we've seen here is classic Frank Caprio nasty politics; he's throwing out names and accusations."

"I'm not surprised to see Mr. Caprio doing this, he's getting desperate he knows his campaign is failing and there's a reason for that. The reason is when you hear us talk about why we're running for treasurer, he's asking Rhode Island for a second chance, and it's all about him."

With regard to the topic of pension reform; Caprio promised lower fees to investment firms.

"I've said when I get in office the first thing I'll do is get those hedge funds contracts, we'll send out notices that we no longer need your services and we'll put that money in funds with lower fees."

Seth Magaziner noted that while Caprio served as treasurer, while he did invest the state's money in funds with lower fees, the performance of those funds was not good.

"He's trying to misrepresent the good work we did during office," said Caprio.

To which Magaziner comes back with, "If we had just been in the middle of the pack, there'd be hundreds of millions more in that system and the folks hurting now because of this pension reform would be hurting less," said Magaziner.

Watch the entire RI Treasurer Candidate debate