Canyon-like pothole in Providence damages cars

A monster pothole seems to be swallowing cars on Pleasant Valley Parkway in Providence.

It's winter in Rhode Island.

Everyone expects to see potholes.

But one canyon-like crevasse in Providence is attracting extra attention.

"You can make a swimming pool out of this one," one driver said.

And they are costing drivers a lot of money.

"I spent $90 (to fix my car). I'm surprised nobody's gotten killed yet," Dana Thorn said.

On Pleasant Valley Parkway, just before the road becomes Dean Street, there's a 2-foot long, 8-inch deep, monster surrounded by a hubcap graveyard.

NBC 10 was inundated with emails, phone calls and Facebook messages concerning the crater, particularly after this week's snowstorm buried it.

"I was driving down the road. This is not the first time it happened. I hit the pothole and got a flat tire. I know several other people have gotten flat tires," Thorn said.

Thorn said she's one of many drivers hoping for a reimbursement from the city. Several viewers said they've filed claims. Some drivers even paid more than $500 for damage from the pothole.

Repeated phone calls to the highway superintendent were not returned.

"It's just unbelievable the city hasn't come out quicker," Thorn said.

A maintenance worker told NBC 10 that he was going to bring traffic cones to the location, but for most drivers the effort was too little, too late.