Car break-ins reported near Roger Williams Park Zoo

Police are stepping up patrols after several cars were broken into near the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence.

There will be added security at the Jack-O-Lantern spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo in the coming weeks following a string of car break-ins.

Dozens of cars have been broken into on side streets near the zoo. Police said car windows were smashed and purses were stolen from the cars Monday night.

Attendance at the zoo is up due to a month long Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular which showcases more than 5,000 decorated pumpkins. Zoo officials said security will be increased to match the crowds.

The zoo parking lot already has security, but the smash-and-grab jobs happened in overflow parking spots on side streets nearby.

Now the zoo will expand its security measures too. They've contacted Providence police and secured additional patrols for the areas around the zoo over the weekend.

Jan Mariani of the Roger Williams Park Zoo said the zoo has hired its own security car to cruise the streets and report any suspicious activity to police.

Police urge visitors to the pumpkin spectacular to use common sense. If you leave a purse or other valuables in your car, hide them in the trunk or cover them up to avoid giving vandals a reason to target your car on these side street.