Car crashes into Cranston nursing home

A car crashed into the front of a nursing home in Cranston Monday evening.

The front end of the car and a set of glass doors at the Cedar Crest Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on Scituate Ave. were smashed as a result of the accident around 6:30 p.m.

The 40-year-old female driver, who works at the nursing home, was taken to the hospital.

Police and her employer told NBC 10 she did not appear to be seriously hurt.

Cranston Police say she claimed the gas pedal on the car got stuck.

The car went from the parking lot, through some mulch and plants, along a walkway, just past some patient rooms, and into a set of doors that is not the main entrance.

Ken Rooney was in the parking lot. "We were walking up and we just heard the screeching and we just heard the smash. I just went up and helped her get out. She was fine. She was justShe said the gas pedal stuck," Rooney said.

Management at Cedar Crest told NBC 10 the worker was coming back from her break when she crashed.

Police told NBC 10 there will not be any charges against the driver and there did not appear to be any significant structural damage to the building.