Car dealer sees teachable moment in drunken driving crash

A car dealer in West Warwick is hoping to teach others about the dangers of drunken driving after a crash on his property.

To illustrate his point, he's hung a banner saying, "This is what happens when you drink and drive" on a Chrysler PT Cruiser that was crushed on March 18.

Police said a drunken driver lost control of his car and crashed into six cars on the lot at Route 3 Auto Sales on Tiogue Avenue.

"Everyone that drives by stops, some people get out and take pictures," said manager Larry Schwartz. "The bus comes right here and lets the kids off after school every day. Some of the parents meet the kids here and take them over to the car and show them what happened. So, it's working out well."

The owners have to cover the cost of most of the damaged vehicles, but they said it's the message that is the most important.