Carnival rides in RI require state inspection

The whoops and screams of riders on carnival rides are a staple of summer fun.

"It was scary going up and down. It made your stomach turn," said Garret Wall of West Kingston.

Parents at the Washington County Fair in Richmond had a more caution approach Thursday.

"I'm nervous, and I'm pretty sure he's safe," said Julie DeCesare of East Greenwich. "I went on with him, so if we go down, we go down together."

A state inspector checks out every ride before it's opened to the public.

There is only one inspector in Rhode Island, but rides do not operate unless he's done his diligence.

Michael Browning, of Amron Family Fun Fair, said he's never started a fair without an inspection. He said the inspector takes pictures and documents what he sees.

Browning said after the state inspector has checked over each assembled ride, the company's goes over them, and then the ride operators have a checklist to complete before starting the rides each night.

"They should be inspected before they start using them. Because, god knows, you only need one accident and it's going to cause big problems," said Brian Morris of London, England.