Carver police officer rescues dog from a submerged car

According to Carver police, on{} Saturday afternoon at 3:40 p.m., Carver police responded to South Meadow Village for a report of a vehicle completely submerged in approximately eight feet of water.{} Upon arrival Officers Melo and Harriman discovered a 2004 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck completely under water.{} The operator, Debra Titus, 59 years old from Plymouth was out of the vehicle however her two dogs were in the vehicle when it sunk.{} One dog was able to get out on its own.{} Officer Harriman, an avid dog lover, then removed his gun belt and dove into the murky water. He then managed to open the door and enter the vehicle and retrieve the dog.{} The dog was returned to its owner in good health but a little frightened.{} Carver Fire and Carver EMS responded to assist.Police have not released on any details on how the car ended up in the water. {}{}{} {}{}{} {}{}{}