Caught on camera: Clerks fight off thieves with hammer, chair

Alan Viveiros and M.D. Sheikh

Two convenience store clerks fought off two would-robbers Friday night in Fall River.

The clerks used a hammer and a chair to chase off the masked crooks from Ruby's Convenience Store on Bay Street.

"They went to lunge at me with the knife as they came in. They said they wanted all the money. Once they lunged with the knife I got scared and went for the hammer," clerk Alan Viveiros said.

The hammer had been kept under the counter for regular maintenance reasons.

"They didn't want to come near me because they were scared to get hit, but I happened to hit one of the knives away," said Viveiros.

The other clerk, M.D. Sheikh, threw a chair at the intruders.

The assailants left, but that wasn't the end of the story.

Viveiros tried to follow them out of the store, but lost sight of them as they rounded a corner. He said his actions were just self-defense and reaction.

"It's sad the economy is the way it is. Everybody's hurting for money. It's the hazards of the job," Viveiros said.

Fall River police asked anyone with information about the attempted robbery to call them.