Caught On Cam: Shop owner fights back

A Providence business owner and his father had the scare of their lives in broad daylight on Tuesday.

The shop owner's father said it was just after 12:30 p.m. when a dark skinned man wearing sunglasses, all black and a hoodie burst into the store and demanded cash.

The entire incident was captured on a well-organized, surveillance camera system, from eight different angles. All camera angles appeared on a 42-inch flat screen monitor hanging right over the main counter.

The shop owner shared all of the video, from every angle, exclusively with NBC 10 News.

"He came in asking for money. He wanted to rob us, and I was sitting there, and I told him, 'there's no money. We just opened. There's no sales. We don't sell milk and bread here, so you're on camera, and the police coming. But I guess he didn't care," the shop owner's father said.

The 26-year-old owner, with roots in Ecuador, had just opened the Def by Audio, a high-end electronics shop two weeks prior to the incident.

"He had a gun, and I tried to tell if it was real, and when I looked at the barrel it looked very real, so I just tried to get him to go, and not do anything bad, just to go," he said.

Neither the shop owner nor his father wanted to be identified or shown on camera, both citing fear of retaliation as the main reason.

"I want him to know we don't have cash here, it's not that kind of business. We just don't want him coming back," he said.

So far Providence Police have not made any arrests.

But the surveillance tape shows the suspect shoving the gun in the man's face. Later the suspect is seen back at the glass counter demanding that the shop owner fill a bag with money from the showcases, all while holding him at gunpoint.

But, after the suspect ran out of the store with more than a dozen brand new, valuable cell phones, the young shop owner had enough, and decided to fight back.

"My son chased him, and when he was able to catch up with him, I guess someone hit him with a car, and he dropped the bag, so my son got his stuff back, but all of the phones were scratched, so he lost a lot of money because he has to sell them at a discount," the father said.

But the shop owner and his dad do hold out some hope that the suspect may eventually be caught. They say that's because the suspect actually dropped his own cell phone in the scuffle that happened behind the store.

The shop owner's father said the suspect may be limping from being accidentally hit by a car in the chase.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Providence Police at (401) 272-3121.