Caught on Tape: Store clerk fights off robbers

Kevin Dellefave has a black eye and quite a story to tell. He's lucky to only have a black eye.

Dellefave was working at the Bestway Food Mart on Park Avenue in Cranston Sunday night when two masked men came in, one of them wielding a shotgun.

The clerk did not give in.

Instead, he fought back. At one point, he charged at the robber with the gun and tried to grab the weapon.

Dellefave scuffled with both suspects before one of them was able to hold him down. The thieves got away only with some cigarettes. And Dellefave says he chased them outside, too.

"I was just not thinking. I was just going with gut reaction," Dellefave told NBC 10. "I fought back, I wasn't thinking about it. If I was thinking about it, I'd just give him the money," he said.

Cranston police are looking for the suspects. They're asking anyone with information to give them a call.