Charges upgraded against Brown student in assault case

Charges were upgraded against a manwho was involved in an altercation that led up to an assault that criticallyinjured a Brown University basketball player.

Dillon Ingham, 22, of Fulton,N.Y., was arraigned in Wednesday in Providence District Court and charged withfelony assault.

Police had arrested and chargedIngham with disorderly conduct for his role in an altercation on May 24. Theperson who Ingham is accused of assaulting was not immediately known.

Ingham was released on bail. Ajudge said Ingham would be allowed to travel between Rhode Island where he goesto school and New York where his family lives.

He's scheduled to return to courton July 25.

The Brown men's wrestling teamlisted Ingham as a member; he is also listed as having played football forBrown.

Ingham is also a fraternitybrother of 21-year-old Joseph Sharkey, who was injured May 19 in an assault.

Tory Lussier, 24, of Vernon,Conn., is accused of assaulting Sharkey.

Lussier, a Connecticut Marine,was arraigned in Providence District Court on Friday and released on bail. Anattorney for Lussier says his client acted in self-defense.

Police have said the assaulthappened after some type of altercation but have not provided details.

Sharkey is from Norwood, Mass. and is asophomore member of Brown's basketball team. He suffered serious head injuriesand has been in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital.