Charlestown to install red light cameras

Red light cameras will soon be ticketing drivers in Charlestown.

A red light camera will be installed at an intersection in Charlestown where a 27-year-old man was struck and killed.

In May 2010, Colin Foote was killed when the motorcycle he was riding was struck at the intersection of Route 1 and West Beach Road.

Laura Reale was sentenced to serve eight years in prison in connection with the crash.

Following his son's death, Richard "Robin" Foote began a crusade to get habitual traffic offenders off the roads. Gov. Don Carcieri signed into law the Colin Foote Act, which created harsher penalties.

Reale had 19 prior traffic violations before the fatal crash. She previously admitted to being a habitual offender and lost her license for five years.

Family members said Tuesday they have been trying to get red light cameras installed at the intersection where Colin was killed for years. His parents said a red light camera could have saved his life.

"I believe my son probably would have survived the incident that took his life if there had been a red light camera," said Mary Ann Foote, Colin's mother.

"I hope people who don't think this is the right thing will re-think it and think about our story and think about what could happen to themselves or their family," Robin Foote said.

There will be a warning period of 15 days when the cameras are first installed. After that, it will cost drivers $85 to run a red light.

The ticket will be mailed home to drivers.