Chicken Stuffed with Farro


2 lbs. Chicken breast

1 box Farro ( soaked overnight)

1 cup Fresh peas

2 cups carrots, small dice

1 each shallot minced

2 cloves garlic minced

1 cup sliced baby portabellas

1 tsp coriander

1/4 lb. bacon sliced

2 bunches Scallions (green part cut off and saved, bottoms minced)

1 tsp olive oil

To taste Salt and Pepper

Method of Preparation:

1. Put faro in stock pot with enough water to cover and boil till done, strain and cool when done

2. In a blender take top greens of scallions a splash of water and blend until smooth. Drizzle oil in and put to the side.

3. Slice a pocket in the chicken breast

4. In a saut pan add bacon and cook until crispy, take out bacon leaving fat in pan

5. Saut mushrooms, carrots , peas, garlic, shallots

6. Add Farro, minced scallions, scallion blend and cooked bacon to pan and mix until faro is hot

7. Stuff mixture into the pocket of the chicken breast. Sear on all sides(if having hard time keeping together use toothpicks to hold together), then put in oven at 350 degrees until chicken is 165 degrees

Beurre blanc sauce


2 cups Chicken stock

1 cup white wine

1 tbsp. turmeric

1 tsp Lemon juice

8 tbsp. butter

Method of Preparation:

1 In sauce pan add all ingredients besides butter and reduce by 3/4

2 Take off heat and Add butter 1 tbsp. at a time whisking and adding butter when other tbsp. when first is melted.