Child sex offender seeks compensation for prison term

Charles Holmes

Charles Holmes, 50, is a convicted child molester from Rhode Island.

That crime was more than 20 years ago.{} But his more recent history was the final straw for his family.

"None of us really want anything to do with him anymore and that's really sad," Holmes' sister, Christine Miller, told NBC 10.

Holmes did prison time for molesting the 7-year-old daughter of a friend in Providence in 1991.

He later moved to California and was sent to prison there for 8 years for failing to register as a sex offender in California based on the Rhode Island crime.

Last week, NBC 10 reported that Holmes is seeking more than $200,000 from the state of California, claiming he was wrongly imprisoned because he never should have been required to register.

Seeing the story, his sister wants to speak out. Miller spoke to NBC 10 by phone from Georgia. "If he's going to get some compensation, then my mom and everybody else who lost money because of his wrong-doing in Rhode Island, they need to be compensated, too."

Family members say Holmes moved back to Rhode Island last year after getting out of prison out west.

He seemed to want to turn things around and the family was going to give him one last chance.

But he got arrested a couple times. Then his mother in Portsmouth was hospitalized.

Miller told NBC 10, "He drained the bank account. He wrote checks out of her account. He ran up every single credit card."

Portsmouth police told NBC 10 they have an active arrest warrant for Holmes for forgery and counterfeiting.

Investigators said he wrote 18 checks from a family member's account totaling $1,600.

"She was heartbroken. He broke everyone else's heart," Miller said. "He devastated the family."

Then Holmes disappeared.

The family hasn't seen him since. "I just want justice," Miller said.

Holmes' lawyer told NBC 10 that he is now back in California.

Last week, Holmes lost his first attempt to get that money from the state of California for his claim of being wrongly imprisoned there. He plans to appeal.