Cianci considering run for mayor

Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr.

Just a week after sharing news of his cancer diagnosis, former Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr. returned to his WPRO radio show Monday.

Cianci, 72, found out he has colon cancer after he started feeling symptoms.

"About a month ago, I started getting pains. I went to the doctor. They put me right in the hospital. They took an abscess out. They found a malignancy. They immediately did a CAT scan and they found it was containable. They put me on chemo. I have about seven chemo treatments and some radiation and then we should be up and running," Cianci said.

He insists he has been told the treatment should deal with the cancer.

"The doctors told me I'm going to die, but not from this," Cianci said.

But he believes he could have avoided chemotherapy by getting colonoscopies beginning at age 50.

"No I did not, which was stupid. I kept putting it off, putting it off, putting it off. Stupid. If you're out there watching, Bill Rappleye, go out and get one, like today," Cianci said.

He seems to take the diagnosis in stride like a weather forecast, but the cancer word did grab him.

"When they tell you that, does it shock you? Yeah, it does. But you have to make sure you can adjust to it and accept it and deal with it because you can't change it unless you do what they tell you," Cianci said.

And he said it won't keep him from running for office if he wants to.

Cianci said he has thought about it and that would only run if he felt he could help the city. He also said he's confident he could win.