Cianci says he never intended sauce to make money

In this Aug. 8, 2014 photo, bottles of former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci's pasta sauce sits on the shelf at a grocery store in Providence. (AP Photo)

In 1995, then Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci began marketing a pasta sauce.

Called the Mayor's Own Marinara Sauce, it says on the label that it benefits Providence school children.

Cianci told NBC 10 on Monday, the sauce hasn't made money in years and said it never was intended to.

"It never made any money," he said.

The scholarships are still granted every year to about a dozen students. The normal grant is a $1,000. And the scholarship fund has $570,000 - not from pasta sauce sales.

"We originally started this by having golf tournaments and having people donating, and raising money the traditional way," Cianci said of the fund's account.

And he believes the publicity from the sauce on grocery shelves is still serving a purpose, saying "it's a great tool for telling kids we do have scholarships and that kids can apply for them."

Regarding the story that his sauce is making no money, "No good deed goes without punishment. Here, we got 300 kids scholarships, and they drop an ashcan on it," he told NBC 10.