City evicts 18 families in Fall River

Jessica Bolieiro and her 18-month-old daughter, Skyler, are one of 18 families to be evicted by the city of Fall River without notice from a County Street apartment complex on Wednesday night.

"My daughter is 18-months-old. She doesn't need to live like this. Being eight months pregnant doesn't help either," Bolieiro said.

"They just told us we had 15 minutes to grab whatever we could grab and then forced us to leave," said Diane Silvia, who was also evicted.

Fall River Mayor William Flanagan said no warning was given.

He said the city had no choice because the building is riddled with tales of prostitution, illegal firearms and a landlord evading his responsibilities.

"The property manager owes the city approximately $500,000 in back taxes," Flanagan said.

Bolieiro said she knew the property had a history of criminal activity, and that she was never part of it. However she said it was the location the state sent her to when she requested low-income housing assistance trying to get out of a homeless shelter.

"They paid my first and last month's rent so that I could move into the building. It's now June and I'm homeless again," she said.

And Bolieiro's not the only one.

"I was already in the shelter. I was homeless before this, but the state placed us here," said Heather Viera, who was also evicted.

NBC 10 has learned the building will be condemned. The families that were evicted will stay a week in a motel and have one week to find a new home.