City nightclub to remain closed following double shooting

A Providence nightclub will remain closed in the aftermath of a double shooting that critically injured two Massachusetts men.

The city's licensing board on Monday continued a hearing on the shooting after Club Karma agreed to close its doors until the issue can be discussed again Thursday.

"On the license board, we weigh heavily on public safety and we're happy that both parties mutually agreed," said Everett Bianco of the Board of Licenses.

The Board of Licenses temporarily ordered the Karma nightclub closed, hours after the shooting early Saturday morning.

The victims were identified as 24-year-old Kenneth E. Leslie of Chelsea, Mass., and 26-year-old Rodney Hoskins of Mattapan, Mass. Both were listed in critical but stable condition.

Police said the victims were identified as members of the Walk Hill Bloods gang in Boston and both have arrest records for weapons and other felonies.

Police have asked that Karma's license be suspended. Investigators don't know why the two men were shot, but whom and what retaliation might result.

"This was an egregious offense where a gun ends up in a club and people are shot," said Col. Hugh Clements of the Providence Police Department.

Several police officers testified as to what they saw happened Saturday.

Lawyers for the club say they are taking the allegations very seriously.

"If the allegations are proven to be true, the first thing the club will do is fire its security team, which is a third-party team, and hire an appropriate team who knows what it's doing. Because if this is true, and a gun did get in, then someone didn't do their job," said Peter Petrarca, a representative for Club Karma.

The club has been sanctioned for other violent episodes in the past few years.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.