City shuts down haunted Halloween display

City inspectors have ordered a homemade Halloween display in Woonsocket to shut down.

The extensive display outside Dave and Charlene Densmore's home on Blackstone Street includes temporary walls and a tarp roof.

The city on Wednesday issued a "notice of unsafe conditions" that claims there are several code violations and that a set-up of that magnitude requires permits. The notice ordered the display to be shut down by Thursday.

"I think it's horrible. They're calling it a structure or a building. It's a haunted display. That's all it is," Dave Densmore said.

Densmore said he builds a display each year around his house, complete with costumed volunteers, plenty of props and strobe lights, and creepy music, too. He said the display is safe and that he never expected he would need permits.

The Densmores ask for a food donation for a local church as an entry fee to what they call "Fear for Food."

Densmore said inspectors got involved after he was told someone complained about the display.

"It's hurtful that somebody in Woonsocket would actually complain to the point where they need to shut us down and it's a wonderful event," he said.