City takes advantage of media frenzy surrounding Hernandez case

For more than 40 years Urban Medeiros has been making people feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror.

But it's the reflection outside his barber shop that's got everybody talking.

"It brings excitement to the city I think. It really does," Medeiros said.

When former New England Patriots tight end and now murder suspect Aaron Hernandez is in court, Medeiros and other South Main Street businesses make more money.

"I think it's great for some of the businesses that he's here, in Fall River," Medeiros said.

Like Arpeggio Caf.

"During lunch it's crazy because it's right before Hernandez goes on the stand and everyone is trying to get lunch and coffee before he goes in," said Robert Gould of Arpeggio Caf.

Medeiros said it's reminiscent of the famous Lizzie Borden murder trial in the 1890s.

Borden was acquitted of charges of killing her mother and father with an axe. The case remains unsolved, but it's a bit of a legend in Fall River.

"She took an axe and killed her father with 40 whacks. Then she killed her mother with 41," Medeiros said.

So despite the tragedy this case stems from, Fall River business owners are making the most of it, and feeding the hungry reporters lined up outside their front doors.