Clay Pell speaks out about missing Prius

Clay Pell simply called the incident 'unfortunate.'

Gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell is finally talking about his car and what happened to it.

NBC 10 asked Pell about his once-missing Prius. Pell and his wife Michelle Kwan reported their car stolen in February.

The car was found about a week ago in a North Providence parking lot.

In December, Pell reported the car stolen only to realize he forgot where he parked it.

Until now, Pell's campaign only released written statements about the car. NBC 10's Brian Crandall asked Pell about the missing car outside a candidate's forum on Monday.

Pell simply said, "The car is unfortunate, but the police have found it, the insurance company has it. What matters now are the issues that real people; the people are dealing with every day."

The car window had been smashed, but police had not determined if anything was stolen.