Clerk fights off robber with sword

Priyank "Brian" Patel is quickly becoming an expert on fighting off crooks. The New Bedford store clerk pulled a sword on a would-be robber who came into the Lucky 7 Grocery on County Street around noon Tuesday.

Patel tells NBC10, "He said 'give me all the money' and he pulled out a big knife." In response, Patel grabbed the sword kept behind the store counter for this very reason. "I took that out and I cursed at him and I said, 'come here, I'll give you some money,'" Patel says.

The thief quickly realized he was on the short end of the duel and turned around. Patel knew he had the upper hand. "This guy must be stupid because I have a bigger knife than him. Either he's going to get killed or he's going to get hurt. Either one, he made the right choice to go away," Patel told NBC10.

Patel is not one to back down.

In November 2011, he fought off another robber. The suspect in that confrontation had a knife. Patel punched him in the face even as he was being stabbed. Patel says the sword was in the store back then, but he couldn't get to it.

Asked why he fights robbers instead of giving them the cash, Patel said, "He's going to come in tomorrow. He's going to come into this store now and rob again. He's like a millionaire after thatit's not good to give it up because they're going to do it over and over again."

New Bedford police describe the suspect in Tuesday's altercation as a white man, about 40 years old, 5'9", 250 pounds, with a brown mustache.