Governor's name misspelled on Cliff Walk plaque

Gov. Lincoln Chafee's name is misspelled on a sign for the Cliff Walk.

What was supposed to be a rather straight forward news event on Tuesday, a ribbon cutting at the entrance of the repaired Cliff Walk in Newport, turned out to become newsworthy for something else.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee's name was misspelled on a dedication plaque. The governor's last name was spelled with two Fs instead of one.

"Yes my name was misspelled, but to err is human," the governor said.

Chafee joked that the misspelling of his name happens quite a bit. But he would like to see the plaque changed.

"It is kind of prominent. I do think you should spell the words correctly so in due time," he said.

The Cliff Walk Commission told NBC 10 it couldn't determine when the mistake was made. It said paperwork for the plaque went from the state to the commission to the mayor's office before the plaque was made.

And because the plaque was donated, there will be no cost to repair it.

The plaque will be removed for repair Wednesday.

Chafee said he wasn't angry and that there are other things to focus on.

"Anybody's welcome on that Cliff Walk. Get down there and just enjoy," the governor said.

The 3.5-mile trail runs between the Atlantic Ocean and many of the city's most spectacular Gilded Age mansions. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and is one of Rhode Island's most visited tourist attractions.

Most of the Cliff Walk has been closed since October 2012 when parts of it were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.

The project to repair it cost about $5 million and took four weeks longer than expected.