Clintons on Vineyard during Obama family vacation

Hillary Clinton was visiting the Bunch of Grapes store on Martha’s Vineyard for a book signing Wednesday afternoon.

The Bunch of Grapes bookstore on Martha's Vineyard there closed its doors early Wednesday, after copies of Hillary Clinton's new book "Hard Choices" sold out.

Clinton visited the store for a book signing.

"Hopefully we'll have the signature of the next president," vacationer Tom McGill told NBC 10.

The current president is also on the island as the Obama family takes its annual vacation this week.

Both President Obama and Clinton are expected to attend a private party on the Vineyard Wednesday night.

The face-to-face meeting comes after Clinton called Obama Tuesday, trying to smooth things over after a recent magazine interview.

Clinton criticized Obama's approach to foreign policy, saying she would have done things differently.

It's a sensitive time for both.

The president is grappling with violence in Ukraine, Syria and Iraq and Clinton is preparing for a possible White House run.

Supporters in Vineyard Haven hope the former Secretary of State jumps into the race.

"If there's ever a chance that a woman could be president, it could be Hillary. So I wish her the best," said Gina Torelli, who was vacationing on the island.

"I think it would be fabulous to have a woman finally step into that role and prove that we can do it too," said supporter Melissa Shore.

Mother and daughter Melissa Shore and Callan Burton-Shore biked to the book store, only to learn copies of Clinton's book were sold out.

"I would definitely like to meet her at some point, but I guess not today," said Burton-Shore.

The White House originally said Clinton and Obama wouldn't see each other, even though both would be on Martha's Vineyard at the same time.

But after that controversial interview was published, the White House said the president would attend the party.