Teen convicted in triple murder case

Michael Martin, Shameeka Barros, Damien Colon

An 18-year-old was found guilty Monday of plotting with three other people to steal money and drugs, leading to the fatal shootings of three people in 2012.

A Providence Superior Court jury convicted Quandell Husband of three counts of first-degree murder, three counts of discharging a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence resulting in death and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery. He faces at least six consecutive life sentences, plus 10 years.

The jury returned the verdict after a three-week long trial, and just two days before the second anniversary of the deaths of Shameeka Barros, Michael Martin and Damien Colon.

Prosecutors said Husband and three other people tried to rob Martin at an apartment on General Street in Providence on July 30, 2012. They believed Martin would have marijuana and money.

When Martin came to the door, Russell Burrell pointed a gun as all three rushed into the living room barking commands to Martin and Colon, who they were not expecting to be in the apartment. Burrell lead Martin and Colon toward the back of the apartment and into a kitchen where he shot and killed them.

Barros awoke from a nap on a couch in the living room. When Burrell discovered she was in the apartment, he turned the gun on her and shot and killed her.

Husband was 16 at the time of the killings but was tried as an adult.

Prosecutors argued that while Husband may not have been the shooter, he was just as responsible for the deaths. Defense attorney Thomas Briody said Husband was at home with his family when the killings occurred.

Relatives of Husband told NBC 10 that they maintain his innocence.

Family members of the victims told NBC 10 that as difficult as it was to sit through the trial, they were relieved with the guilty verdicts.

Husband's co-conspirators, Burrell, Timothy DeBritto and Donovann Hall have admitted to their roles in the triple killing.

Hall pled guilty in February 2013 to his role. Burrell pled guilty in November 2013. Both are awaiting sentencing.

DeBritto pled guilty in March and was sentenced to serve 40 years in prison.