Man convicted in Warwick killing

Tony Gonzalez (Pool/The Providence Journal)

A Kent County Superior Court jury convicted a man Monday in the killing of another man in a jealous rage, but not the man he intended to shoot.

Tony Gonzalez was found guilty of killing Carl Cunningham Jr. in Warwick in January 2012.

"I love him very much. I miss him. I wish he was here," said Carl Cunningham Sr.

Cunningham Sr. said he felt like his son, Carl Jr., was in court when the guilty verdict against his son's killer was read.

Authorities say Gonzalez intended to shoot his ex-girlfriend Patricia Delomba's new boyfriend, Matthew Chivers, with whom Cunningham was friends.

Instead of shooting Chivers, he shot Cunningham seven times.

"It was hard in there. It was really hard in there to listen to some of that. I feel a breath of fresh air and I feel relieved," Cunningham Sr. said.

In closing arguments, the defense tried to convince jurors the state's witnesses were not credible, including Delomba, but the state argued back.

"If she's in the living room saying Tony Gonzalez ran by me with a gun, how can she be in the pantry watching the shooting?" defense attorney Bryan Owens said. "Another inconsistency."

"Ladies and gentlemen, everything Trish told you, everything she said, is corroborated by the physical evidence," prosecutor Maureen Keough said.

The victim's family is relieved the trial has finally ended, but their emotional journey is far from over.

"I don't want his memory to die," Cunningham Sr. said. "I want him to live on."

The family said justice is being served.

"I want life without parole. That's what I want. I have to serve a life sentence, so why shouldn't he?" Cunningham Sr. said.

Gonzalez also convicted of assault with intent to murder against Chivers, who was one of the witnesses in the trial.

Gonzalez will be sentenced March 18.