Club owners talk safety measures

From wanding, to cameras, to confiscation the owners of Colosseum say security is priority one at their Providence nightclub.

They choose not to use an outside company, because as Anthony Santurri, Colosseum, said "the safety of our patrons and our license, why would I put that in someone else's hands"

Anthony Santurri says all of the club's bouncers, they call them floor hosts, get criminal background checks and go through a 4 and a half hour training before they're certified.

He keeps copies of all the certification his employees go through.

Colosseum says they do everything possible to make sure no gets in the door with something they shouldn't have.

Once inside, the diligence doesn't stop; in addition to the club's three owners who are on site, the facility has security cameras keeping a close eye on everything that goes on.

Even before you go in, the rules are clear, from dress code, to what's not tolerated, which according to Santurri is key to keeping order in the establishment. "I think it's important if you do all this due diligence first, you set the tone for not only the city and law enforcement, but your staff, they know you're serious" About trying to stop any violence before it even begins.