Security boss speaks out about club shootings

Simon Martinez

A shooting that left two people injured early Friday morning has led to the short-term closure of Snubs nightclub in Providence after and emergency hearing in front of the city's licensing board.

"There was a bunch of people fighting and somebody pulled out a gun and shot somebody," explained Providence Police Sgt. Andrew Scanlon at the hearing.

Ailton Barros, 26, and Emanuel Moreira, 27, are both expected to survive after being shot by unknown assailants.

Police are currently looking at surveillance video of the incident to try to identify the suspects.

Simon Martinez, head of security at Snubs witnessed the shooting but told NBC 10 he cannot comment on specific details as there is an ongoing police investigation. He does say however, that he is dedicated to training local club security personnel to keep themselves and their club's patrons as safe as possible.

"The more training you have in regards to dealing with this type of situation," says Martinez, "You can avert not only tragedies, but you can avert situations where people can get hurt."

Martinez is an instructor with Aligned Response Training, a company that trains club security staff. He is due to testify regarding the incident at Snubs during a Licensing Board Hearing on Monday.

Providence Police ask that if anyone has information on the suspects or the incident to contact them.