Community mourns barber gunned down in shop

Mourners pay their respects at Krazy Kuts in East Providence on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, a day after the owner was fatally shot inside the barbershop.

Sidney Pierce has been getting his hair cut at Krazy Kuts on Pawtucket Avenue for the past 10 years, but now that his barber has been killed, Pierce said he may never get a haircut again.

"It's really devastating to have someone that you've been knowing for almost 10 years to just be gone at a split moment like that," Pierce said Thursday.

The shooting at Krazy Kuts happened Wednesday afternoon. Family members told NBC 10 the victim was Yusef A'Vant, the 42-year-old owner of the shop.

"We're just trying to figure out who would have an issue with him, that they would come and do such a horrible thing," Cathy A'Vant, his aunt, said on Wednesday night.

Police spent hours Wednesday searching the area for the shooter and brought out police dogs to look for a gun. As of Thursday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

"[A'Vant] didn't deserve that," Pierce said. "His mom didn't deserve it. His son didn't deserve it. This whole community didn't deserve a great man like that to be gone."

Pierce's mother, Richelle, said she has always brought her sons to this barbershop for haircuts. She described A'Vant as a caring man who was encouraging to the young men who came into his shop.

As a mother herself, she told NBC 10 she couldn't imagine what A'Vant's mother was experiencing.

"To wake up one day and everything's fine, and then today is a whole different story. It's just, it's horrible," she said.

The sign posted in the window of Krazy Kuts still read "Open" on Thursday, but the sidewalk outside had become a memorial to A'Vant, with flowers, candles and religious markers.

"It just really doesn't make sense how somebody could take his life like that," Sidney Pierce said.