Community rallies to open Davey Lopes Pool

On a hot summer day, the pool is empty, and there is no relief in sight here at the Davey Lopes Recreational Center on Dudley Street where the city of Providence has closed the pool indefinitely.

The city says the cost of running it is too much for the use it gets; saying only 30 kids use the pool daily compared to 100 even 200 at other city pools.

Errol Gardner believes the city's argument doesn't hold water. He lives right across the street from the pool and says he sees it get a lot of use, and not just kids but the whole community.

A few weeks ago a rally took place, with the community trying to save the pool, and now word that some city councilors are trying to come up with the money to open the pool.

One of those city councilors is Terry Hassett, who talked to NBC 10 about the steps being taken to try to get the pool up and running again. "It should be open and we're going to find the money to do it; where do you find the money? I have money in Ward 12, community development block grant money, other councilors are also moving around money too"

Hassett says he's hoping something can happen within the next few weeks, but until then the pool will sit dry and unusable as we enter one of the hottest weeks of the year.