Company offers free pothole-fixing machines to cities, towns

VIBCO is offering its vibratory roller compactor to cities and towns for free.

A Rhode Island company says the old way of fixing potholes doesn't work.

VIBCO Vibrators of Richmond is offering to donate machines that promise to fix potholes better. The machines would be free to any Rhode Island city or town that wants one.

Company officials said it's about being a good corporate neighbor.

The process involves cleaning out debris from the pothole, patching it, and rolling over it with a vibrator. (let the jokes begin)

The company's vibratory roller compactor helps each patch stay patched. It was demonstrated Wednesday in Cranston.

Currently when a pothole is filled, workers use their vehicles to flatten the cold patch in place. It results in an uneven final product and a bumpy ride.

But with the compactor, VIBCO says the patch stays tight. Drivers don't notice it, and it doesn't come loose.

VIBCO said there are some minor conditions to the donation. It said the machines cannot be resold or scrapped, and that each community must use it or lose it.