Conn. man appears before grand jury in Hernandez case

The man who says he was shot in the eye by former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez was ordered to appear before a grand jury in connection with the Hernandez murder investigation.

Alexander Bradley accused Hernandez of shooting him in the face at a Miami strip club. Bradley lost his right eye from that incident but didn't name Hernandez as a shooting suspect until recently.

Bradley appeared in court Tuesday in Massachusetts for a separate case facing charges of drunk driving and excessive speed.

Bradley pleaded not guilty to those charges. According to the police report Bradley was in the car with Hernandez during that alleged DUI incident.

It's unclear why Bradley was ordered to testify before the grand jury in the Hernandez case.

By nature a grand jury is a secret pretrial process used to determine if there's sufficient evidence to bring a case to court or enough evidence to bring about additional charges.