Contest winners enjoy breakfast with Gronk

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had breakfast with hundreds of fans Tuesday morning at Gillette Stadium, winners of a Dunkin' Donuts contest.

Several hundred local fans from across New England won the chance to meet the larger than life football star.

"It was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was really amazing," said Sarah Quinlan of Barrington.

"It was pretty cool. He's a really personable guy. But he's much bigger in person than when you see him on the field," said Tom Quinlan of Barrington.

"I just entered online and I played the game a couple of times and won a gift card. And then I got entered into the drawing and I got a call saying I won. I was shocked," said Ken Hernandez of North Kingstown.

Tuesday was special for just about every fan in attendance. Gronkowski said he likes these types of events where he gets to interact with fans.

"It's a pleasure taking a picture with everyone, seeing everyone excited, seeing all the kids with the jerseys on. They are all pumped up with their Little League gear on and stuff. It's really cool and it's fun and I had a pleasure doing it. All the question and answers they had, it was pretty cool with some of the questions they have," he said.

Gronkwoski admitted he still gets a kick every time he goes into a Dunkin' Donuts restaurant and sees his cardboard cutout.

"It's cool. Sometimes it's a little weird. You go in and 'Whoa, it's me.' Sometimes I have a blast taking funny pictures with my standup and everything," he said.