Man sentenced in girlfriend's killing, dismemberment

Donald Greenslit

A Johnston man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison plus seven years in the killing and dismemberment of his girlfriend.

A jury in March convicted Donald Greenslit of first-degree murder and other charges in the January 2012 stabbing death of Stacie Dorego. Prosecutors said he tried to burn her remains in a basement fireplace.

Superior Court Judge Susan McGuirl said if she could have given Greenslit a more severe sentence she would have.

The judge slowed her speech as she described the image of a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old huddled together breathing in smoke as Greenslit attempted to burn their mother's body.

"Who would have their children in the house while the mother was laying there dead, dismembered, being burnt in the fireplace? Who would leave their children in the house with the smoke billowing around them, scared to death?" McGuirl said.

Dorego's sister, Jamie Oullette, gave chilling testimony of the impact Greenslit has had on the children. She talked about the years of therapy and about how the kids draw pictures for their therapist of their mother's missing limbs.

"You hope that these children, after all they've been through, that they can have successful lives. Believe me the deck is stacked against them," Oullette said.

The judge echoed a request made by Dorego's family that the only good that can come of the tragedy is that domestic violence victims need to come forward.

Dorego was 39.