Convicted killer gets two life sentences

A Providence man convicted in the shooting death of a man in a jealous rage, but not the man he intended to kill, was sentenced Tuesday to two consecutive life sentences.

Tony Gonzalez, 25 was convicted of murder in a case of mistaken identity that a judge called a "senseless, cold-blooded crime." He also received 15 years in prison for firing at his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend.

Authorities say Gonzalez went to his former girlfriend's home in Warwick in 2012 and began fighting with 23-year-old Carl Cunningham Jr. Cunningham, who was not dating the woman, was shot several times and died at the hospital.

Prosecutors said Gonzalez went to kill Matthew Chivers, the boyfriend of Patricia Delomba.

The family of the deceased victim sat through every stage of the trial. They said while the sentencing doesn't bring back Cunningham, justice has been served.

The judge said the most striking thing about this case was the lack of remorse Gonzalez showed throughout the trial.