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      Councilman's comment caught on camera: 'She's lucky I didn't hit her'

      A South Kingstown woman is calling for a town councilman to resign and police to investigate following a comment made at Monday night's council meeting.

      A microphone for the television broadcast of the meeting picked up a man saying "she's lucky I didn't hit her" during a break in the meeting.

      Rachel Clough said the comment was made by Councilman James O'Neill and aimed at her.

      "I'm honestly appalled," Clough told NBC 10.

      It started with a debate over the council's decision to approve a charity fundraising road race on Memorial Day.

      Clough and others are upset that anything other than veterans' events should be held that day. Clough spoke at length.

      Councilman James O'Neill disagreed with her position.

      "I'm offended some of the folks are offended," O'Neill said during the discussion.

      Then, when a brief recess was called, the camera broadcasting the meeting moved up, but the microphone was still on. And the comment could be heard.

      "I can't in my wildest dreams imagine that would incite someone to even make that comment. It was inappropriate. It was offensive. It was threatening. It was threatening," Clough told NBC 10.

      There was no answer at O'Neill's home when NBC 10 went seeking his side of the story.

      Clough said she doesn't feel comfortable going back to a council meeting with him there.

      "I personally don't know how he can sit on that bench and get away with things like that. I think he should step down," she said.

      Clough also said she's filed a complaint with local police.