County Cork Irish Stew


8 small lamb chops, thawed

Salt And pepper

1 Tablespoon vegetable or canola oil

Parsley, bay leaves, peppercorns, thyme, rosemary

1 pound potatoes (3 to 4 medium)

2 cups finely shredded cabbage

1 medium onion, chopped

1 large white leek, thinly sliced

12 small white onions

1 1/2 cups celery stalks, diced

1 1/2 cups peas

Chopped fresh parsley

Method of Preparation:

1. Heat oil in a large pot, enough to hold all chops in a single layer. Season chops with salt and pepper.

2. Brown chops on both sides. Spoon off any melted fat and add enough stock to cover chops.

3. Bring to a boil and add parsley, bay leaf, peppercorns, thyme and rosemary enclosed in cheesecloth. Lower heat and simmer.

4. Meanwhile, quarter the potatoes. Add potatoes, cabbage, onion, well-rinsed leek, white onions and celery to chops and liquid.

5. Simmer 20 minutes then add peas. If needed, add a little more water during cooking. Simmer 10 more minutes or until potatoes are tender. Season to taste. Garnish with parsley and serve.