Family appeals boy's suspension over gun-shaped key chain

The father of a Coventry boy who was suspended for bringing a gun-shaped key chain to school appealed to the superintendent Monday.

A formal decision is expected Tuesday.

The small gun-shaped key chain fell out of the seventh-grader's backpack. Because he had it at school, he was suspended for three days under a zero-tolerance policy.

His parents argued to school officials that the policy isn't fair, and they want the suspension cleared from the boy's record.

"I don't think it's a replica. I think it's more of a toy, and I don't think it should have been treated as a replica. He should have been disciplined as such and maybe on an individual basis he could have got some detention or something similar," Keith Bonanno, the boy's father, said. "Why keep the kid out of school? I don't agree with that."

Bonanno said the principal told him late Monday that if the boy has good behavior for the rest of the year, the suspension would be taken off his record and that if he maintains perfect attendance, they won't count the three-day suspension on his record either.

The school department had no comment.