Crafting a menu fit for a president

Providence restaurateur John Elkhay and his team of chefs are the architects of the menu for a Democratic fundraiser in Newport headlined by President Obama.

Providence restaurateur John Elkhay and his team of chefs have been practicing and perfecting their menu for a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Newport.

"I'm going to have a tux on but I'm going to be serving in the kitchen. I'm going to be doing everything, pouring wine. I'm going to be all over," Elkhay said.

Elkhay's whipped up five hors d'oeuvres for the event. One of the items is a beef slider reminiscent of the juicy mini burgers he serves at Harry's Burger Bar.

The beef is Rhode Island born and raised from Blackbird Beef in Smithfield.

"We started cooking, cooking, cooking and perfecting, perfecting, perfecting. And finally we have a dish that's worth of a president," Elkhay said.

For the main course, traditional surf and turf with a Rhode Island lobster on display next to a piece of filet mignon.

"(We got) as much of this locally as we possibly could. And that's the plate the president is going to eat tonight," Elkhay said.

The grand meal ends with a luscious fruit tart topped with raspberries from Wards Berry Farm in Sharon, Massachusetts.

"The owners picked them themselves," Elkhay said.

His hope is that no matter the outcome of the fundraiser, U.S. politicians will leave wanting more tastes from Rhode Island.

"I think they're going to say, 'Wow. I can't believe this tiny state can produce this.' It probably won't happen, but that would be my dream," Elkhay said.

The presidential menu will be available at Elkhay's restaurants, Ten Prime Steak and Sushi and XO Cafe, beginning on Sept. 8 for two weeks.