Cranston family fed up with city's rat problem

Home owner Anthony Duchard is fed up with the rat problem in his Cottage Street neighborhood in Cranston.

"It's becoming a nuisance. Neighbors don't want to come outside at night," he said. "I saw rats in my trash and underneath my shed."

Duchard said rats even got into his van and chewed through wires.

"(The rats) went through the wires. They destroyed the whole computer system. It's going to cost $100 to fix. So it's becoming a real nuisance. It's horrible," he said.

Duchard told NBC 10 they cover their trash and set traps. They called the city too.

"They came to the house and they baited but it's not enough. They really need to buckle down and bait more houses," Duchard said.

His wife is begging for help.

"I'd like Cranston to take responsibility for their half of this problem. It's not just my problem. They have to deal with this too," she said.

The family said they do everything they are supposed to do and they still have a rat problem.

City officials told NBC 10 they are doing what they can.

In the coming weeks, the city said they will have rat patrols going out street by street to talk with residents to see if they can come up with a plan to fix the problem.