Cranston father speaks about young son's drowning

Jayce Sherman-Chattelle drowned in the family’s backyard pool in Cranston on July 3.

Jay Chattelle and his wife Karla Sherman are living through a parent's worst nightmare.

Their 18-month-old son Jayce Sherman-Chattelle drowned in the family's backyard pool in Cranston on July 3.

"It can happen to anybody. Nobody will hold myself more accountable than me," Jay Chattelle told NBC 10. Now, Chattelle hopes to spread a word of caution to other parents.

"Take the necessary precautions so it don't happen to you. If you do have a pool, put your alarms on your door. We had gates not only on the steps, but in front of the pool and he jumped over both of them. It only takes that mere split second to be distracted and not know your child walked out the door or your child got into some type of danger," Chattelle said.

Family and volunteers tore their pool down the day after the tragedy.{} It had to go."I came home and beat the pool up. I didn't understand. I started ripping the pool apart when I got home and my family stopped me."

Now the family wants to build a new playground in the backyard, in Jayce's name, for his younger twin siblings to enjoy, in hopes of erasing that awful memory and replacing it with good ones.

"It would mean the world to not look out that window and see the pool. I want to get the pool image out of my head," Chattelle said.

Their plans for the playground include a mural, a message board on the fence, and an engraved bench.

The family says it worked with Bank of America to set up an account to raise money for the project.