Cranston gym abruptly closes

Dozens if not hundreds of gym patrons in Cranston are now out of luck.

Those who belong to 'VIP Fit Clubs' in the Marshall's Plaza in Cranston recently arrived to work out and instead found the gym locked, and totally dark inside.

NBC 10 looked inside the windows to find all of the equipment still there, but the machines were all sitting motionless, and even though the sign outside boasts $20 per month memberships, and asks people to 'sign up for a tour now,' it seems safe to say no one will be taking the gym up on that deal any time soon.

One VIP Fit Clubs regular told NBC10 they were angry saying he was furious to see the gym had mysteriously shut down with no notice.

So NBC 10 called the main number for the facility trying to find some answers.

Instead of an outgoing voicemail, the call went unanswered.

NBC 10 went to the home of gym owner, Dean Albanese, in Lincoln, but no one came to the door.

NBC 10 tried to contact Albanese at his home number, and again got no answer, and no outgoing voicemail.

On Sunday, the VIP Fit Clubs' official Facebook page revealed a message

apologizing to customers, and saying a sign relaying important information had fallen from the door.

The post said members will get a free month membership at one of two other gyms, and that their accounts at VIP had been closed.

And even though the gym patron who contacted NBC10 declined an on-camera interview, he didsay he's mad, and that he's not the only one who's upset.

On Friday, there was also no sign on the door of the gym informing customers that it's closed, or why.

Employees who work at the nearby Dollar Tree store told NBC10 News that, aside from Saturday's, they rarely saw many people come and go from the gym.